Why Pavers?

Brick pavers continue to increase in demand year after year. The benefits to brick pavers are endless and include durability, safety, value, environmental responsibility, overall aesthetics and cost effectiveness. Other forms of paving, including asphalt and stamped concrete, are proven to be inferior in these aspects for many reasons.

Durable- The simple fact that brick pavers are laid as individual units allows each paver the ability to "give" under substantial pressure, eliminating cracking, which is common among stamped concrete and asphalt. Also, although sealing is not necessary, it can prevent discoloration and protect bricks from dirt.

Safe- Safety is a major concern when choosing a hardscape to surround your pool area. Due to the natural texture of the material, brick pavers provide a non-slip surface. They can also withstand the effects of large amounts of pool water splashed onto them constantly.

Cost Effective- Brick Pavers are so durable, you will be able to enjoy them for years and years. Minor repairs may be neccessary, but compared to other options which often require complete replacements, brick pavers remain the most cost effective choice.

Environmentally Friendly- Brick pavers are made from all natural materials and can therefore be recycled - A word that every environment activist loves to hear! Also, since single pavers can be replaced if damaged, large tear outs common with other types of paving are eliminated.

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